Reader: Talk about title inflation -- now every pizza joint has an exec chef?

Jonah Munson, the exec chef of the two locations of the Walnut Room, has a lot on his plate. Including dealing with naysayers who wonder why a pizza place -- even a pizza place with two addresses -- has an exec chef in the first place. See also: - Justin Munson, exec chef on the Walnut Room, on yard sales and mixers - Justin Munson: "You're no better than your staff." - In the kitchen with Jonah Munson: peach pie

Says Denver Dave:

This really has nothing to do with Jonah. I'm sure he's a nice guy and has some industry chops. My issue is when did every cook get promoted to Executive Chef? I blame Westword (in part) for the lack of distinction between an Executive Chef, a Chef, a Sous Chef, etc. etc. on down the line. After reading so many of these Westword articles proclaiming that the cook in question is an Executive Chef, I wonder if anyone knows the definition anymore. Just because you are the "senior" (or in some cases, the only cook) in a restaurant does not automatically make you the Exec. Talk about title inflation -- jeez. Now every pizza joint has an Exec: NOT.

What defines an exec chef for you?

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