Reader: Tamayo looks fantastic -- but have the food and service improved?

Tamayo has been holding down its corner of Larimer Square for over a decade, and owner Richard Sandoval decided the restaurant was due for a remodeling job -- a million-dollar remodeling job, which involved both the interior and the menu. The result was unveiled yesterday, when Tamayo reopened.

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And one diner likes what she sees...so far.

Says Lucy Mcfad:

The space looks fantastic! Very Miami! I just hope the food and service have GREATLY improved. Never have been impressed by either. It takes more than a coat of paint to make a restaurant.

Chefgringo agrees that the food needs help:

The food here sucks...and now it looks even worse. Calling avocado foam a smear of guacamole is not only plain ridiculous but is not going to make the food taste better either

What do you think of Tamayo?

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