Reader: Tastes on Tennyson has seen some action, too

Uptown got knocked out of our Street 16 menu matchup early -- and it had nothing to do with the crazy saga of Roam, which owner Daniel Kuhlman closed last week in a wild scene that involved angry former employees, Kuhlman attempted to take Lori Midson's camera, and two visits from the cops.

But Kuhlman still has a dog in this hunt, Tastes Wine Bar & Bistro, in the midde of the Tennyson restaurant district that's playing hard in this game.

Or does he?

And fortoday'sentertainment writes;

Hey!! Did anyone see that Kuhlman is having a restaurant garage sale in front of Tastes?! This gets more funny by the minute. I hope for the Clements' and Brunson's sake that this guy is going down. Hopefully he will never again to be in a position to impact so many hard-working industry folks again. Word of advice, Mr. Kuhlman (and wife)...get the *% out of Denver. We don't want anything else you have to offer us.

Read all the comments on the rancor at Roam here. Vote on your Street 16 favorites here.

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