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Reader: Texas Barbecue Should Include Burnt Ends

Texas-style barbecue seldom gets respect in Colorado...mostly because it comes from Texas. But Wayne's Smoke Shack proves that honest food prepared with passion and skill can overcome even the haters. On our recent visit to Wayne's, braving Highway 36 traffic and getting lost in a suburban maze of streets was worth the trip: A reward of juicy smoked beef brisket in its traditional Texas form -- perfumed with post oak and hickory -- plus some toothsome pork ribs awaited us at the end of the road.

Our readers are buying into Texas transplant Wayne Shelnutt's mission of spreading the wood-fired word, too, giving praise to the concise menu and authentic brisket.

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Says Stacy Christine:

This is what a BBQ menu should look like. Nine things total.

And although commenter Josh Weakland missed the half-pound of brisket in the photo of a basket full of smoky meats, he still approves of the St. Louis-style ribs:

Picture of some brisket burnt ends and juicy slices woulda been a better fit...ribs look banging though...nice smoke ring.

Are you longing for some barbecue magic like they make in Austin, or do you wish more Carolina-style pulled pork would shoulder its way into Denver? Let us know in the comments section below.

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