Reader: Thanks for the memories, and the miso soup, at Taki's

For almost two decades, Hisashi Takimoto ran Taki's on East Colfax Avenue. The location would change, the name would change, but his hospitality and flu-killing miso soup remained constants. But since Takimoto passed away in 2009, nothing has been constant at Taki's -- and now the place is closed altogether. "It died with Taki," says one regular. "Just a matter of time 'til the doors closed."

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Other longtime fans of Taki's spilled more memories at the news. Says Sarah:

When it was on the other side of Colfax and was Taki's Golden Bowl, it was the best. The interesting man with the fu manchu mustache that worked the counter was my favorite. When my daughter and I would visit, Taki himself would bring her a plate of edamame....It hasn't been the same in years, but it will be missed.

Says Shannon:

Too bad, that whole area has almost changed completely since I moved in 2010. Colorado Comics, Wolfe's Barbecue, Jerry's Record Exchange, Play It Again, the Walnut...a lot of great memories/history...

What do you remember about this stretch of Colfax? What do you miss most? Will you miss Taki's?

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