Reader: The best dive bar is the one hipsters don't know about

The closing of the Thunderbird Lounge, one of our favorite dives, inspired us to visit many more of this city's best dives this month -- including the winner of Best Dive in the Best of Denver 2014, Lakeview Lounge. And we're not the only fans of the place.

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Says Clara:

As soon as I was able following major surgery, I went to the Lakeview Lounge for a life affirming cold cerbeza. Best beer of my life.

But others worry about what lists like this can do to their favorites. Says Charlie:

The best dive bar is the one the hipsters don't know about.

What are the biggest hipster bars in this city? Name them in the comments section below. And f you're willing, spill the name of your favorite dive bar, too.

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