Reader: The best French fries are at Vesta, not Jonesy's...or McDonald's

For decades, Westword readers have voted for McDonald's as the spot where you can find the Best French Fries. That's just one of the many reasons why the annual Best of Denver issues always emphasize our editorial picks. Another reason: The readers generally pick Taco Bell for Best Taco. Democracy is great, but it doesn't necessarily champion great food.

There are places all over town -- some hole-in-the-wall joints, some fine-dining restaurants -- serving great French fries. Yesterday Laura Shunk served up "Denver's ten best French fries", starting with Jonesy's EatBar, which won our Best French Fries this year, and already readers are weighing in with fries we forgot:

Bistro Vendome. Black Pearl. Highland Pacific. And Vesta Dipping Grill, which inspired this lip-smacking description from Lipster:

I just inhaled a large plate of Vesta's incredible fries, smothered in red cherry butter sauce (with my perfectly cooked grilled venison). So. Delicious.

Have other suggestions? Post them along with the others at the end of the Best French Fries list, or just note them in the comments section below.

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