Reader: The Braun space is cursed, I tell you!

Just a few days after the Archive Room closed in Olde Town Arvada, the Bar-On family took on the space, which was right across from an Udi's Pizza Cafe & Bar, one of nine restaurants in the family's homegrown empire. But for the new space, they chose a new concept: a sports bar with an Austrian accent, reflecting the family's heritage. But when Gretchen Kurtz recently reviewed Braun, she found the concept less than successful.

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Says Kevin:

It's unfortunate to hear that their food hasn't improved since I was there in December. At that time, I chalked it up to how quickly they took over the space, and them trying to find their identity separate from Udi's -- much like Gretchen here. Now it's been nearly six months and it's not getting better. The space is cursed, I tell you!

Have you tried Braun Taphaus & Grille -- or any of the previous occupants of this space in Olde Town Arvada? What other spots in Denver seem cursed?

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