Reader: The Hillstone Group should just buy Cherry Creek North and be done with it

"Not a fan of what Cherry Creek has become." That's how chef Chris Cina greeted the news that

Bisque had closed

. Originally known as Cafe Bisque when it opened in Lakewood a decade ago, Bisque left that 'burb and moved to Cherry Creek last November.

And now it's in the soup. Cherry Creek has swallowed up another homegrown restaurant.

Says UncleDave8:

Well, CCN is the graveyard of independents. You gotta have deep corporate pockets or hit the ground running to pay those rents. I expect we'll see the likes of Le Merise and Aria to follow shortly. The Hillstone Group should just buy CCN and be done with it.

What independent spots are still left in Cherry Creek? What would you like to see happen in Cherry Creek? Post your thoughts below, or join the Creek conversation already under way here.

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