Reader: The more liquor licenses, the more liquored-up people on South Gaylord

Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza, a New Mexico-based company that has a restaurant at 550 Broadway, managed to do what Brown Dog Pizza, an outfit out of Telluride, could not -- secure a liquor license for 1001 South Gaylord Street. Brown Dog got badly bitten in that dogfight, which involved some ugly neighborhood squabbling, but Il Vicino emerged relatively unscathed from the December 28 hearing, and is moving ahead with plans.

Still, the city's approval of the license did not put an end to the complaints. Sunnygirl just posted this yesterday:

I grew up on Gaylord st, and I can tell you that the issue at hand is not the retail shops and not so much the parking ( though it does getting annoying at times), but the big issue being fought is the amount of liquor in the area. I was born in this neighborhood and as far back as I can remember there where beer bottles all over my yard and at night I could here drunk people yelling and keeping me awake. There was even once I saw a drunk couple fighting and a man slapped a woman in the face. Now this is a family neighborhood and I can tell you that is not something I would want my kids to see. The more places with a liquor license the more drunk people there will be, and the more trash in the front of our houses.

But as another commenter points out, the commercial pocket on South Gaylord is as old as most of the houses around it...so let the buyer beware. Want a pizza this action? Post a comment below, or join the South Gaylord squabble already under way here.

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