Reader: The Northside Ruined? Berkeley Is Only Getting Better

Our list of Denver's

top old-school Italian restaurants

inspired many memories of classic Northside red-sauce joints that have closed -- Pagliacci's, Little Pepina's, Carbone's, Longo's Subway Tavern -- and also a heated discussion of whether the people moving into what's now generally called Highland (or LoHi) have ruined the neighborhood and culture, as one reader suggests.

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Responds davebarnes:

I will counter with Berkeley.

Tennyson Street (38th-46th) is MUCH improved thanks to the upper-middle class scum and their money.

And, it is only going to get better in the next five years.

One of the things that might make it better? A new burger place, The Royal, courtesy of Jelly's owner. But readers have concerns about that, too. Read their comments here -- and post your own thoughts below: What do you think of what's happening in Berkeley?

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