Eat this brunch entree and you may be too full to ride a bike.
Eat this brunch entree and you may be too full to ride a bike.
Lauren Monitz

Reader: The Only Thing Worse Than a Drunk Driver Is a Drunk Bike Rider

Last week our brunch expert, Lauren Monitz, visited Lala's Pizzeria & Wine Bar, which has teamed up with nearby Turin Bikes to offer a brunch special every Saturday in August, with a chance to win a bike that will be raffled off on August 29. Sounds like a good deal, readers agree, but they also warn that if you partake in the bottomless mimosas, you need to remember that drunk biking is no safer than drunk driving. Says Susan:

Are you people nuts? The only thing worse than a person getting behind the wheel with a bellyful of mimosas is a person getting on a bike and weaving through weekend traffic. If she doesn't get in an accident, she'll cause one. 

Did you know you could get a ticket for riding drunk? Have you gotten one? Spill the details below.

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