Lou's Food Bar opened in late December in northwest Denver.
Lou's Food Bar opened in late December in northwest Denver.
Mark Manger

Reader: The people of Denver deserve better than Westword

The comments just keep coming about Laura Shunk's review of Lou's Food Bar -- although often the comments have less to do with Lou's than they do with its owner, Frank Bonanno, or the Denver food scene in general, or Westword's coverage of that food scene in particular.

For example, Ralph Baxter offers this:

Fuck off Calhoun and quit making excuses for your piece of shit publication. What's your excuse for giving La Fuente best breakfast burrito? You chunks of shit don't do real reviews and the people of Denver deserve much better. The fact is, you assholes get paid for advertising and your reviews are biased as fuck...

In an earlier post in the same string, Baxter had pronounced that he's "ready for Shunk's fucking job because like Sheehan, the bitch doesn't deserve it! and Denver deserves better!..." But while Ralph certainly displays a penchant for profanity he shares with many Westword writers, he doesn't follow instructions well.

As I noted in that string, I'd like to publish some of the comments about the Lou's review in our print edition -- but the authors need to e-mail me at patricia.calhoun@westword.com, so I can verify their identity. And by the way, that e-mail address works for anyone who'd like to discuss any Westword policies with me. Or you can always call 303-296-7744.

In the meantime, happy reading and eating...

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