Reader: The review of Pantaleone's brightened my day for the Fafalios family

Last summer Kitchen Nightmares came to metro Denver, and chef/host Gordon Ramsay gave makeovers to three long-time Colorado restaurants: The Old Neighborhood in Arvada, Mangia Mangia in Woodlawn Park and Pantaleone's New York Pizza. Before she caught last month's episode featuring Pantaleone's, Gretchen Kurtz visited the Fafalios family's almost-thirty-year-old pizzeria in southeast Denver, and tasted the results of that Ramsay's visit. And as she reports in this week's review of Pantaleone's, change can be good. See also: The twelve best pizzas in Denver Says Steven:

I'm glad to hear about this makeover. I don't watch TV, so I didn't see the Kitchen Nightmares makeover.

My first visits were when I was a kid and the lady who watched us after school was in this neighborhood. After two disappointing meals with friends, I couldn't ask people to come back here. Now I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks for this review, it really brightened my day for their entire family.

Have you been to Pantaleone's lately? What did you think?

Reach Gretchen Kurtz's review of Pantaleone's here.

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