Reader: The Ritz-Carlton looks so elegant sitting by the Greyhound bus station

Location, location, location.

The Palm

is located right off the 16th Street Mall, a location that has caused the steakhouse considerable headaches -- and earned it a boycott by Occupy Denver that ended late last week when the national office of the Palm reversed its stance on the anti-camping ordinance. But that's not the only challenging location downtown: Elway's Downtown is in the

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, which just won its fourth AAA Five-Diamond Rating -- despite being on the edge of a neighborhood that isn't exactly polished.

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And that puts the hotel in a tough spot. Says foodcrazy:

The Ritz-Carlton looks so elegant sitting across the street from the Greyhound bus station.

Have you followed the city's plans for Arapahoe Square, the area just past the Ritz-Carlton? What do you think Denver should do about downtown's homeless? Cafe Society readers have plenty to say about the situation; read their responses to yesterday's Comment of the Day about the Boycott the Palm settlement here

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