Reader: The Sad Reality Is That Minimum Wage Is Just Something to Get People Started

Colorado's minimum wage went up 23 cents on January 1, to $8.23. Twenty-three pennies for your thoughts? While some activists are pushing for $15 -- or $10 at the bare minimum -- others say minimum wage has gone high enough. The reader who says that Westword is "part of the 'house divided' filthy rich media moguls who incessantly try to incite controversies between any and all classes, races and economies of people. They are a liberal trash rag that never says anything positive that we might try to do to get along in this world."

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Here's another take from that side. Says Leslie:

I have worked in industries that provide fhese jobs -- you think if we pay high school kids or whomever to come and flip burgers, sweep aisles, wash dishes, etc., $15 an hour that the prices for the commodities provided by those stores/restaurants won't go up? You really think big corporate is going to give up profit? How about the small businessman?

Sorry, I'd like to see everyone make more money, but not if the cost of living just goes up. It's a sad reality, but minimum wage is just that: something for people to get started.

What do you think of Colorado's new minimum wage of $8.23 an hour? What do you think it should be?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.