Reader: The trucks stopped here

The first party of the Food Truck Warriors was postponed from Saturday because of sorry weather forecasts, and this answer didn't fit the contest criteria to win free food/drink at the Food Truck Warriors party in any case.

Still, we were charmed by this reply from Todd, which shows just how far the truck trend has come:

When I was a young boy, my grandfather would tell me tales of his youth. When he was a young man he had traveled to the World's Fair -- St. Louis, 1904. This was an event like nothing he had ever seen, most notably the wonderfull foods served from carriages. It changed his life. Food served from vehicles became his passion, he traveled everywhere he could to find the one thing in life, we would later learn, that made him happy. His favorite story was from an event in New York City where there were 5 different food vendors- all serving out of motor cars.

Each meal my grandfather was served, each experience he had with food from trucks became his life. As I've gotten older I've had my share of experiences, but because of the countless hours spent listening to my grandfathers tales, there is still an emptiness, a hole, in my life that I fear may never be filled. The Food Truck Warriors Party could be the event that fills my hole.

And eleven trucks, not even my grandfahter could imagine that.

We're still accepting entries in our contest here -- ten words or less, please -- and will let you know when the party's been rescheduled.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.