Reader: There is a huge variety of food offerings in metro Denver

Is Denver dining turning into a scene that's all about pizza and beer? That's what yesterday's Comment of the Day suggested, and whether or not the original remark was made in jest, Cafe Society readers responded seriously, with a strong defense of the scene -- and many suggestions of worthwhile places to eat. See also: Reader says beer and pizza is what Denver is turning into...sad

Says Tim Smith:

Ridiculous. TripAdvisor claims 2,338 restaurants in Denver. If you extrapolate to Denver Metro, that's more than 12,000 restaurants (assuming equality based on 5x population)! There is a huge variety of food offerings in Denver and in the metro area. Making blanket judgments for a city of this size makes no sense. On the other hand, if you live in Bumfucknowhere, Nebraska, then yes. When all the pizza restaurants in a 100 mile radius (that would be all two of them) serve crappy pizza, then you can criticize your town.

Read the complete conversation in the comments section here -- and don't miss this bonus bash of Cafe Society by thatguy5280:

Well, when your alt-weekly has someone consistently blogging about how good fast food is, like drive through Burger joints, it isn't a good sign of sophisticated cuisine being a priority. If what used to be the go-to-what-to-eat publication of Westword is constantly celebrating beer, pot, pizza and fast food, it's hard for our city to be taken seriously as a food culture.

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