Reader: These places all deserve a pizza the action

The comments about Denver's Five Best Burgers are still sizzling, and now people are getting hot about our Six Best Pizzas, adding five of our favorites to Pizzeria Basta, winner of the Best Pizza in the Best of Denver 2011.

No Enzo's? No Oven? At least Lipster was polite about it:

I couldn't disagree more with at least two of your above choices but will play nice and just add my favorites rather than lambaste yours: Patsy's Basil Doc's Parisi Proto's Mici

Others were more effusive when praising their favorites, including jennytobin:

Um... BIG vote for two-fisted marios pizza! Not fancy pants like most of the others listed, just Good old fashioned strait up non stop rock n role pizza never letting me down. No fancy ingredients ('cept pineapple?). Purists. everything's made by hand there by a bunch of guys who take pride in their pizzability really seriously. Been there since time began. They're A good kind of strange, but I love talking to them -mostly about PIZZA! yummmmm= two-fisted!

What's your favorite pizza in Denver? Add it to the comments here, or post it below.

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