Reader: They call them restaurant "critics" for a reason

A discussion that started with freezer-burned bread has fermented into a discussion on the nature of reviewing in general -- and how it's changing with technology. Says one reader, "These days (well, since the beginning of restaurant history, but certainly more so in the internet age), a restaurant should be treating every customer like a food critic and every plate like it will be reviewed." Just as a publication should be prepared for readers to comment on every story it posts...

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Here's Denver Dave's response:

Personally, I'm not a fan of Pollyanna journalism. One of the things I appreciate about Lori, and Westword in general, is the ability to tell it like it is. Good and bad. The truth is that sometimes even the most long-lived, well respected business needs a wake up call. If I want unrelenting "everything in Denver is terrific" propaganda, I'll read Chamber of Commerce brochures. They call them restaurant "critics" for a reason. If your critic only paints every restaurant he/she reviews with the same "it's so wonderful -- you simply must go" brush, they aren't doing their job. Few restaurants are perfect and the best take professional criticism gracefully and use it to improve their offerings.

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