Word of Mouth

Reader: Tom's for Sale? And the Gentrification Continues...

Tom's Home Cookin' has listed its building in Five Points — where it has served weekday lunch, and lunch only, to fans for two decades. Cook/owners Tom Unterwagner and Steve Janousky say they're just kicking the tires, to find out how much the property might go for; they bought it in 2001 for $185,000, and have a price tag of $585,000 on it today. And the place is definitely still cooking; on Monday, the lines were long and the kitchen was sold out well before the usual closing time of 2 p.m. No matter what the building is worth, though, fans make it clear that the cooking at Tom's is priceless. Says Sarah:
Would be another tragedy in Five Points but no shocker..
Adds Steve:
And the gentrification continues.
And there's this from singer Ellyn Rucker:
Booooooo......love this food!
Have you been to Tom's Diner? If the owners sell this property, where do you think the restaurant should relocate? And will you join the crowds there for lunch today?
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