Reader: Too Bad the Food in Some of These Places Tastes Fifty Years Old

We're on our way to a record-breaking year for new restaurants opening in Denver. With all the action, it's easy to overlook some of the restaurants that have been around for years -- almost a hundred years, in the case of

Blue Parrot

, which is still in the founding family's hands. This week Gretchen Kurtz reviewed

Saucy Noodle

, which just marked its fiftieth birthday; Mark Antonation interviewed Lee Driscoll about the fortieth anniversary of the

Wazee Supper Club

. That makes it a relative newcomer compared to the dozen restaurants on our list of places that have lasted fifty years or more -- and are still run by members of the same family.

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Says Prada:

That just made me homesick, great list.

Responds Peter:

I just wish that the food at some of these places didn't taste like it had been around for fifty years.

Other readers came up with a couple more spots that have displayed five decades of staying power, including Wishbone and Frank the Pizza King; we'll be adding to our list as we collect additional names -- so post them below.

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