Word of Mouth

Reader: Too Much Pizza — It's Time to Get More Creative, Denver!

Last year, Denver Deep Dish moved out of Bar Car and into its own space at 1200 West 38th Avenue, on the edge of Highland, where it's creating pies good enough to snag the Best Chicago-Style Pizza award in the Best of Denver 2017.  But readers have been quick to slice our pizza picks. Says Benjamin:  
I feel too many pizza places have opened in Denver. So much saturation in the pizza market that I have literally become sick and tired of pizza. I mean, in the Highlands alone you have about eight pizza places! Too much pizza, it's time to get a little more creative.
Adds Chris:  
Regarding the Best Chicago-Style Pizza choice, I've NEVER had a "soupy mess" pizza in Chicago. I've had plenty of shit-style wanna-be Denver ones, though. It is always good when someone does come up with a fairly decent deep-dish pizza (read: Patxi's).
For the record, Patxi's was the Readers' Choice for Best Chicago-Style Pizza. What do you think of the pizza options in Denver?
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