The Trailer Park at Torchy's.
The Trailer Park at Torchy's.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Torchy's Is the Voodoo Doughnut of Tacos

Yesterday Mark Antonation offered a tale of two tacos, comparing a pair of taco joints in the 1000 block of Broadway: the modest Quijote's, and Torchy's, an Austin-based import that has many fans and was a hot-hot spot when it opened earlier this year. But some Denver diners feel burned by Torchy's. Says Dan: 

I tried Torchy's or, rather, attempted to try Torchy's. But after waiting in line for 10-15 minutes, I was told at the register that the wait for food would be another 30-35 minutes. That's info I would have liked to have 10-15 minutes previously, as I couldn't wait that long for a couple of tacos. I've been to Quijote's and it was nothing special, but tacos should be fast food, and at least Quijote's lives up to that.

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Valerie had better luck at Quijote's:

 I was NOT impressed with Torchy's - at all. I've had breakfast burritos from Quijote's and they have been yummy!

Baxter didn't like Torchy's, either, but has a suggestion for another taco spot on Broadway:

Illegal Pete's. Not only some of the best tacos, but also one of the best local businesses in Colorado. Torchy's is the Voodoo of tacos.

Have you been to Quijote's? The Denver Torchy's? And how do you feel about the Illegal Pete's at 270 South Broadway?

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