Time's up!
Time's up!
Anthony Camera

Reader: Two Hours Is Not Enough Time for a Good Meal at a Restaurant

Readers say the biggest obstacle to dining downtown is not finding a good restaurant (unless you're on the restaurant-starved 16th Street Mall, some suggest), but deading with the problem of two-hour parking meters. Says John:

Fortunately we live near an RTD station and so we can take the train. Much cheaper way to get downtown, but only in good weather. Yes, they should increase the time on meters. I understand the need to turn over spaces, but 2 hours is hardly time to enjoy a good meal at a fine restaurant. 

Says Gilby:

Parking is the main reason, whether metered or in parking garages, that people don't go downtown for dinner. There are too many great places elsewhere and the extra $15 will pay for drinks. 

Notes Steve:

$15 will pay for one more drink.

Concludes Mike:

So park in a parking lot/garage or don't drive downtown, problem solved. The meters are only two hours and yet it is still really difficult to find spaces, this means they should either raiser the rates, shorten the time limits or both.

When you go downtown for dinner, where do you park? Spill your secrets in our comments section.

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