Reader: Two of the best meals I ever had in Denver were at Argyll

In advance of the Best of Denver 2013, which will hit the streets (and the web) later today, we took a look back at the winners of the Best New Restaurant award over the past decade. Most of those winners are still going strong; a few have lost the chefs that earned them the honor. And two are closed: Brasserie Rouge and Argyll, both restaurants owned by Robert Thompson, who today owns Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar and Punch Bowl -- Social Food & Drink. And maybe one day soon, a second Argyll. See also: - Best New Restaurant: Our ten winners of the past decade - Chef and Tell with Jeremy Thomas, chef of Le Grand - Photos: Opening night at Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink

Says k_laneaux:

Yeah, not sure what's with this Robert Thompson fella. Seems weird he can't keep something open for more than a year. Argyll was so awesome. Two of the best meals I ever had in Denver came from there. I doubt you can say the same about Punch Bowl.

Here's the word from Robert Thompson on another Argyll: "I am and have been in multiple negotiations for Argyll locations, but they keep breaking down for various reasons. Now that Punch Bowl - Social is up and running, I'm squarely focused on a new Argyll location.... If a landlord has a juicy Argyll location, I'm ready to do the deal! The trick is, I'm NOT doing an average Argyll deal. Argyll is too personal and special to me to put it just anywhere. As badly as I want Argyll open, I put a greater emphasis on it being right for Argyll than quick for Argyll."

Have a suggestion for where the next Argyll should go? Post it below. And potential landlords? Robert Thompson wants to hear from you.

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