Reader: Unadventurous diners should stay away from local gems

Is Denver a chain-restaurant town? That's what Joel Klatt declared on talk-radio before the Super Bowl, and that's exactly the image that Mark Antonation hoped to dispel when he invited Klatt to dinner at Squeaky Bean.

Where they ate some amazing things, including cauliflower couscous. See also: - Joel Klatt gets schooled in the Denver dining scene over dinner at Squeaky Bean - Is Denver a chain-restaurant town? 103.4 FM's Joel Klatt thinks so, but we disagree - Chef and Tell with Max MacKissock of Squeaky Bean

While Klatt may have had his eyes opened to other dining opportunities, some people would prefer he stay clueless.

Says Fletcherneedsajob:

I would prefer that the unadventurous diners stay away from these local gems and continue to fill up their local Applebee's and let Guy Fieri drive 'em wild with cravings. Keeps my waits at the real spots a little more manageable.

Where would you send Joel Klott? Guy Fieri? Post your answers below.

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