Reader: Use your noodle! Mizuna has the best mac and cheese

Readers are using their noodles when dishing up alternatives to our list of the "Five best dishes of mac and cheese in Denver" -- a category in which Tom's Home Cookin' took top honors in the Best of Denver 2011.

What about Rackhouse? What about Delite? And, above, all, what about Mizuna?

Absolutely agree on the tragedy of not including Mizuna, which is not only the best mac & cheese in Denver, but the best on planet earth. Hell, Bonanno won the mac & cheese episode of Food Network Challenge, beating Oprah's own Mac & Cheese Czar and several other contestants.

Honorable mentions go to D Bar for their great Cheese Nip crust, and Steuben's for their gooey, homey version. The truffled mac & cheese balls from Deluxe Burger/Little Orange Rocket are awesome too.

And Jeff didn't stop there. He also had some astute observations for the punctuation police:

Also, I'm loathe to point this out after the didactic punctuation police visited here earlier today, but "cheddar rue?" C'mon. Even if it weren't spelled r-o-u-x, the roux is just the thickener in a bechamel sauce...which becomes mornay sauce when you put the cheese in. "Cheddar Roux" would just be butter, flour, and cheddar I guess. That's a recipe for cheese straws or maybe some especially tasty spackle. "Cheddar rue" implies regretting cheddar, which would never happen, or possibly a Cheddar Street in France.

Which just goes to show that even a discussion of a simple comfort food like mac and cheese can get highbrow, fast. But then, talking about food always provides plenty of food for thought.

Have suggestions for other great dishes of mac and cheese? You can add them to the mac and cheese list started here. And if you want to get pointed about punctuation, feel free to do so below -- but you might want to proofread your comment before you post.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.