Reader: Veggie girl, be happy with your choice

After Amber Taufen penned her "open letter to cranky carnivores", the flip side of her "open letter to militant vegans," Steve put things in perspective:

If you think being Vegan is hard, try having kids allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and sesame and also trying to give them healthy non-animal choices for dinner. There's only so much poultry and beef we stomach feeding our kids. My wife was Vegan for years, we both do eat meat, but know that some really good vegetarian dishes provide variety and different nutrients. Unfortunately, none of the products are safe for us. We get judged by others all the time with our food allergy "high maintenance" label and just ignore it. My suggestion, be happy with your choice. We didn't choose allergies but accept it and our proud of the choices we make. As a Vegan, you are making a conscious choice to take better care of yourself...nothing wrong with that.

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