Reader: Waiter rant not his cup of tea

If readers thought Kyle Garratt was whining about verbal tippers, his column about tea really landed him in hot water. One commenter stirred things up with the following:

I guess bringing someone tea is pretty hard. No wait, being trapped in a mine shaft for two months because some soulless mega-corporation hired you at what amounts to less than the US minimum wage to work in deplorable and toxic conditions so that your family can actually eat something other than mouldy corn is hard. Having to dig your family out of the rubble of your home after an earthquake only to be exposed to cholera-laden water while waiting in line for your ration of rice is hard. Gaurding a field of poppies only because the local drug lord threatened to kill your wife if you didn't is hard. Teaching a class full of malnourished children where the only educational resources are a piece of chalk and one 15-year-old textbook is hard. Before you write even one more of these assinine and self-absorbed pieces of crap, take about 2 seconds to think about how privileged and easy your life and your job are. I sincerely hope your next column is about how great your job is and how nice it is to go home to food, electricity, and running water at the end of a shift

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