Reader: Want heartburn? Add Sriracha to red wine

Sriracha sauce is hot, hot, hot these days -- it's in a salad dressing at Mad Greens, on tables at restaurants across the city...and in most home kitchens. Still, there are certain dishes that are not improved by Sriracha, as Jenn Wohletz revealed yesterday. And readers had more items to add to the forbidden list: French toast, for example, should never be topped with Sriracha. See also: - Five foods and drinks that should never have Sriracha added to them. - The new Genghis Khan salad with Sriracha dressing at Mad Greens is killer - Photos: Row 14 chef Jensen Cummings demonstrates how to make sriracha

But adventurous eaters keep trying. Says damian:

While drinking a bottle of wine, I got the urge to add Sriracha to a glass. Needless to say, it was unnecessary, but fun experiment. It tasted like Sriracha wine, and only added to the heartburn I get from the delicious, delicious red wine i love so much. So yeah, I'm glad I did it, but never again.

What should Sriracha be used for? What's your favorite Sriracha dish in town?

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