Reader: Was Brian Laird too good for Russo's?

The news that

Brian Laird, who lasted a decade at Barolo

, is out after just a few months at at

Russo's Kitchen + Tavern

, the restaurant that Peter Kudla put in his Vallagio project, has generated lots of response, including this from Tico:

Know the feeling, I once ran a place where the owners' wife wanted escargot on the menu and he wanted nachos...

Then there's this from Jeff:

I went to Russo's once, and it was a crushing disappointment. I have the utmost respect for Laird, and I know what Barolo was like at its peak.

Russo's was such a mess and it sounds like it's going to get worse. You already couldn't sense Laird's influence anywhere on the menu. I really hope that he lands on his feet, and I hope that Kudla eventually comes to the realization that he clearly doesn't know food and that nobody is going to come eat his plastic bag bullshit.

And the final (at the moment) word from watBaddaU?

Chef Jackson is the dawn.... I highly suggest you taste what he can do... Brian Laird will soon be forgotten.

Is Russo's what the suburbs need? Or deserve? Add your comments to the string started here, or just post them below.

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