Reader: Was Post writer blind drunk before he wrote blind-item column?

On Wednesday, regular readers of the Denver Post food section were startled to find a column devoted to blind items -- and no answers.

Was it a bid to get comments? If so, it failed there -- but the comments have been flying here since Lori Midson posted Leigh Sullivan-Guard's response to Tucker Shaw's piece, some of them focusing on the hyphen in Sullivan-Guard's name and the size of her penis.

And some like NumberThree, stayed more on point:

This is awesome. I was so pissed off after reading the "column" in the Post and I am glad someone has said something. The only reason I can think that they would even print this is that they were all hanging out after hours and 3 to many shots of tequila and they printed it on a dare. It's not Festivus yet! The airing of grievances doesn't happen till December.

You can still read the original Post column here, then digest the spirited Cafe Society discussion here.

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