The Bark Bar went silent late last week.
The Bark Bar went silent late last week.
Marisa Shevins

Reader: We Can Have Cafes With Cats Inside But Not Dogs Outside

Happy Martin Luther King Day! After the Marade, which kicks off this morning in City Park, you should have plenty of time to enjoy the good weather, maybe sit on a patio in the January sunshine and have a brew or two. Some of those patios will even encourage you to bring your pooch. But if you're thinking of heading to the Bark Bar, think again: The year-old spot closed last week, dogged by Denver zoning issues.

See also: The Bark Bar Closing After a Year of Doggie Drama.

Says Sam:

This place was the best. I guess we can have cafés with cats sleeking around the tables and food but not dogs outside. Sigh.

But some people won't miss the Bark Bar. Says Darnell24:

Remember that idiot in college who always brought his dog to all the parties? At least this bar allowed them to congregate there.

Did you visit the Bark Bar? Where will you (with or without pet) be drinking today?

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