Reader: We want to live in Denver, not US Homesville

Last winter, Peter Ryan, former executive chef/instructor at Cook Street School of Culinary Arts, inked a deal on an out-of-the-way space in North City Park that he felt was just right for the neighborhood eatery he dreamed of opening -- in what happened to be his own neighborhood, just west of City Park. But The Plimoth, which Gretchen Kurtz raves about in this week's review, is drawing customers from across the city -- and some have been a little uneasy about the area where the restaurant is located. See also: (Review) The Plimoth could become a landmark restaurant

To them, responds Gerard:

If we're gonna live in fear of every single place that a crime ever occurred, none of us will ever leave the house. Crime happens everywhere -- even in the (gasp) suburbs! I know!

Full disclosure: I *do* live here. It's awesome. Great neighbors, sense of community, close to downtown, architecture, parks, etc. I spent the previous decade in the oh-so-safe environs of West Washington Park, and the low-level crime there dwarfs what I've experienced here.

But hey, no skin off my nose! No worries about paying you to live here, either. There are lots and lots of people who will do the paying themselves, because they want to live in Denver, not US Homesville.

What do you think of the neighborhood around The Plimoth? Is there a restaurant you're reluctant to visit because of its location?

And What do you consider the best neighborhood restaurant in town? That's one of the questions on our Best of Denver 2014 Readers' Poll, and the deadline for voting is today. Cast your ballot here.

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