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Reader: Welcome to the Northside, the New Wash Park

The news that Patsy's had suddenly closed — after 95 years in Denver — was our biggest food story of the week.

But this chapter is just part of an ongoing story in northwest Denver, what started out as the separate town of Highland soon after the founding of Denver, then was absorbed into the Mile High City and became the home of different waves of immigrants. Today, it's one of the hottest areas in Denver — and the focus of heated debate.

Says Ben: 
Guess all things must come to an end. So much for Mt. Carmel church trying to make that neighborhood into Denver's official "Little Italy." It could've used a nice, old-school anchor restaurant with history and damn good food. Seems to me it took a kick to the ol' sausage & peppers with Patsy's closing.
Says Sue: 
Nothing wrong with honoring the history of a neighborhood. At least there is still Lechugas and Gaetanos. . .Carl's . . .nothing beats Patsy's, though.
Remembers John: 
As a kid for my birthday, my folks would take me to Elitch's and then we'd hit Patsy's afterwards. It was a tradition that I'll cherish. I went last about a year ago and it was still the food and ambiance I remember. Now Denver is even more of an Italian food desert...
Says Naomi: 
Fuck it. Seriously?!! Welcome to the Northside, the new Wash Park. Everything that has made this wonderful quadrant of the city so awesome and unique, is being sucked right out of it. Sad fucking day.
What do you think about what has happened in Highland?

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