Reader: We're going to be a city with terrible architecture and zero authenticity

The forty-year-old Wazee Supper Club got a facelift this summer. We're happy about the new kitchen, and the air-conditioning -- but could live without the new sign, which replaced an iconic logo with an old Coca-Cola symbol.


Says Neil:

What a shame. I was just admiring that sign on Sunday while recounting some of Wazee's history as well as my own personal history with the place. Frankly, that logo is terrible. The old sign was a classic. I love it how Denver is trying so hard to reach back in time with "speakeasies" and "classic american dishes for no more than $26 [quote from the Chef at the new Central Bistro which is a copy of every other new Denver restaurant]" and yet they feel the need to put some plastic cover on top of it all while tearing down what's authentic. In 10 years, we're going to be an overpopulated, sanitized version of what was and in 25 years we're going to be a city full of terrible architecture with absolutely zero authenticity left. I know this is a bit of a tangent, but I hate where everything is going. And the sad thing is, it's being led by people with no claim to this city except eyes on its exploitation.

Is the replacement sign an improvement? See both old and new here.

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