Reader: What are the Denver must-have dishes?

Can a deep-dish pizza, like the Patxi's meat model above, taste as good in Denver, Colorado, as it does in Chicago, Illinois? Diners have been debating that for decades -- and for the past week on Cafe Society. And the recent discussion raises another point: If deep-dish pizza is a hallmark of Chicago dining, what is the Denver equivalent? What are the must-have dishes in the Mile High City? See also: Deep-dish pizza here doesn't taste anywhere near as good as Chicago

Says Fred Kaplan:

Still trying to figure out WHAT are the Denver must-have dishes. When I used to visit I loved getting the Rocky Mountain oysters up near Ft. Collins. And yes all varieties as long as they werre deep fried. Loved Alligator in LA and Florida.

Lived in Chicago. and had great deep-dish pizza and amazing thin crust. But in fairness different areas of the US have different taste buds due to the water they drink and nourishes the ingredients that go into food. NYC people love the foldover and the grease of their pies, while Chicago likes crispy crust, some oregano and GREAT mild Italian sausage. Still looking for a pie in Denver that can match a Chicogo or Italian (love Pizza in Italy) thin crust pizza.

What are the must-have Denver dishes? For a starter set, check out our 100 Favorite Dishes archives....and post your own suggestions below.

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