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Reader: What Good Is a Beer Without a Surly Bartender?

When it opens at 2601 Larimer Street, First Draft will allow customers to serve themselves, via the IPourIt system. Responding to our recent story on First Draft, one reader wonders, "What good is a beer without the surly bartender?" And steppesmusic offers this warning about another spot where you can pour-it-yourself:
I don't trust these things.

Two friends and I ended up at this soccer bar on Colfax one night and had a great time pouring our own beers from one of these self-serve taps. Soon we were joined by four others, who stayed for a couple of drinks, threw us some cash, and left. Seeing that they gave us $110, we were elated, thinking they'd just paid a good part of our share too.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The bill turned out to be whopping $220, which I found to be completely insane. Roughly estimating the beers consume by the table, I would have guessed it was in the 25-28 range — like $8 a beer. Now, if these were a bunch of 12% barley wines or something, I'd understand, but these were pints of Amstel and Guinness.

I'll stick with the bartender, thank you.

Do you consider the bartender an intrinsic part of the bar experience? If so, you'll want to vote in our Best of Denver 2015 Readers' Poll, now on its second round. And the five finalists for Best Bartender (Readers' Choice) are:

Chris Topham
Will Albers
Amberin Polidori
Kari Cummings
Jason Ladd

Voting ends at midnight March 18; you can cast your ballot here. And remember, the Best of Denver 2015 that comes out March 18 will also feature Westword's picks in all of the poll categories, as well as many more awards. Have an idea of something that should win? Send it to [email protected]

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