Reader: What idiot would think beer has medicinal qualities other than to inebriate?

Nanny state or manny state? It looks like Elevation Beer Company in Poncha Springs might be able to go with its first-choice name for the smoked dopplebock it's making this fall for Pints for Prostates, a non-profit organization that raises money to help fight prostate cancer, after all. The name? Prostator.

The feds had told the brewery that the name might not pass muster because it appeared to violate prohibitions about making health claims. "Evidently, the Feds feel 'Prostator' sounds like it has medicinal qualities," Pints for Prostates posted on its website last week.

Says backoffimstarving:

I'll only drink it if they can prove it was made from 100%, organic, dolphin safe, corn fed prostate. What idiot would think a beer has medicinal qualities other than to inebriate? Those Feds should be demoted a rank or two for being retarded.

Looks like the feds have already accepted that demotion: On Friday, just a couple of days after Elevation and Pints for Prostates held a contest to rename the beer, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau changed its mind -- as long as the brewery adds a small disclaimer to the bottom of the label: "Provides no medical benefit to the prostate."

Manny or nanny? Post your thoughts below.

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