Reader: What's With Bistro Barbes and Tiny Restaurants Making Patrons Dine Communally?

This week Gretchen Kurtz reviews Bistro Barbès, a tiny spot in Park Hill that cooks up some big flavors. That's just one of the diminutive dining establishments she's visited recently, which inspired our list of the Ten Best Tiny Restaurants in Denver -- all places that seat forty or fewer.

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Says Anita:

That's the kind of place I always wanted to open. Unfortunately, if it is your sole source of income, it's tough. Plus the hours will kill you!

And customers have to pay a price, too. Says Denver Dave of Bistro Barbès:

Sounds very tempting indeed. Those sweetbreads have me drooling. Guess I'll have to get over the seating arrangement, which I truly hate. Those tables are way, way too close to each other to be able to have anything resembling a private conversation. Sadly, Bistro Barbès is not the only new restaurant insisting that patrons dine "communally" whether they want to or not.

Have you been to Bistro Barbès? How about some of our other favorite tiny Denver restaurants? Do you mind sitting with other diners?

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