Reader: What's your beef? Taco Bell bean burritos are great for vegans

An Alabama law firm has a beef with the amount of meat in Taco Bell's tacos, which has set off a stampede of claims, counterclaims and an opportunistic campaign by Mercy for Animals,, which is suggesting that the chain solve its problems by going vegan.

Which prompted this from sararoxyoursox:

Taco Bell is a go-to for vegans anyway, since their bean burritos without cheese are just about the only vegan fast-food option available. I, for one, would be really excited if Taco Bell were to offer more vegan options

That's hardly the end of this meaty issue, though; later today, Jenn Wohletz will weigh in with some suggestions for how Taco Bell could get stuffed.

And on the vegetarian beat, Amber Taufen will have an update on whether Little Anita's chile is veggie or not. Have your dictionary and maps at the ready; the conversation with Little Anita's owner Larry Gutierrez was a doozy. Is it possible that Colorado defines vegetarian differently than New Mexico?

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