Reader: When Applebee's rolls in, the food truck trend is over

Just as a few entrepreneurs have put their food trucks in park, permanently, Applebee's has rolled one out right here in Denver. Is this a sign that this trend has jumped the shark?

"Trend. Over," says Kafromet.

'Damn you Applebee's!!! Damn you! Frickin' chain's have to ruin everything......," says Henry.

Carly has a slightly kinder take:

I think it's kind of cute. I wouldn't eat at it, nor do I think it'll remain in business for very long (patrons of Applebee's don't strike me as the type to eat off of a food truck and the type that eat off of a food truck are not really Applebee's patrons)...but the "chef" just looks so darn proud of it.

Is this the end of the line for food trucks?

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