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Reader: When Big Companies Buy Craft Breweries, the Quality Goes Down

Over the past year, more than a dozen craft brewers have been gobbled up, either by larger breweries, corporate breweries, European interests or private-equity investors. And there is more — much more — on the way. So far, the damage has been limited in Colorado, but that won't last. So in anticipation of upcoming action, last week Jonathan Shikes listed Ten Colorado Breweries That Would Make Good Buyout Targets. But would selling be a wise move? Says Shannon:
It's hard turn down a significant amount of money but, I've noticed no matter how much Inbev/Anheuser or any other major corporation claim they're going to keep the recipes the same, the fact of the matter is the quality goes down. I use to love Deschutes in Bend but since they got bought up, they're not the same.
Adds Joe:
Buyout, schmyout. I'm just glad we have great small breweries with great folks behind the scenes like Gravity Brewing, J Wells Brewery, Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company...the list is almost endless (thankfully)! 
And then there's this from Spencer: 
Maybe someone should buy out Westword and hire some real journalists.
Thanks, Spencer. Until that day comes, we'll continue to cover the beer scene. So what did you think of our Beerman's list? What are your favorite craft breweries in metro Denver?
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