Reader: When I go out to eat, I don't want to eat what someone else has decided is healthy

For her most recent review, Gretchen Kurtz went to True Food Kitchen -- a restaurant that definitely focuses on good food that's good for you, even if the menu isn't overt about its good intentions.

But when you go out to eat, do you want someone else to have decided what's healthy for you? See also: - True Food Kitchen is good...and good for you - Photos: A closer look at True Food Kitchen - Kale calling: Five dishes that feature the antioxidant powerhouse

Mantonat doesn't:

Thanks for the smart and witty review, Gretchen. I actually laughed out loud at the idea of having to self-medicate with booze to be able to tolerate the less subtle aspects of dietary trends and the people who flock to them. I'm also glad that you chose this restaurant to write about, so that I will know to absolutely avoid it at all costs. Certainly, America's health issues stem in large part from our poor food choices (in addition to sedentary lilfestyles), but when I dine out the last thing I want to think about, or be reminded of, or feel superior about, are my dining habits.

I firmly believe in sustainable and humane agricultural practices. I believe that the industrial agriculture system - and our government's subsidization of it - have caused imbalances in pricing that have lead to nutirent-poor and toxin-rich processed foods becoming staples in America's kitchens and dining rooms. But I don't believe that demonizing certain kinds of foods - like pork and beef - is the solution. Pasture raised, organic beef and pork are every bit as healthy as bison, including the fatty bits and organs. Cooking with butter, lard, and cream from properly raised animals is probably more healthful than cooking with heavily processed seed oils. But, I worry about this stuff when I shop and when I cook at home, which is the majority of the time. When I go out to eat, I don't want to have to choose from dishes that someone else has decided is healthy for me. And I certainly don't want what sounds like nothing more than a Cheesecake Factory for the yoga pants set. Now pass the kale - I'll take mine fried in coconut oil or lard, please.

When you eat out, do you try to eat healthy? And where do you go?

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