Reader: When Will All the "This & That" Restaurant Names End?

Stoic & Genuine opened in the renovated Union Station this summer, and Gretchen Kurtz, who reviews Stoic & Genuine this week, says the restaurant lives up to those expectations. But readers have some quibbles -- with the "hip" factor, the noise, and that damn ampersand...

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Says Vic:

When will all the "This & That" names give up?

In London -- where historic pubs have such names, but hipster holes have turned it into something hilarious -- the name pairings have reached such a shrill situation that they're often referred to as "the newest Cock & Balls."

The funniest exchange I ever heard from a hipster boasting about his latest foodie venture was: "I just had the most amazing meal at Colt & Gray!" Young man standing nearby responded sharply: "I hope you didn't spend the fifty bucks you owe me on bone marrow and pretense."

The only name I've liked recently was a food truck called "Serf & Turf: Real meals for working people." All meals under $10.

Are you over ampersands? What do you think of Stoic & Genuine? Share your thoughts below.

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