Reader: Who goes to Marlowe's for Denver Restaurant Week?

Eric Uffelmann, the executive chef at Marlowe's, is no fan of Denver Restaurant Week. As he tells Lori Midson in this week's Chef and Tell, what he'd like to see less of in Denver is Denver Restaurant Week -- at least in its current configuration.

"Stop the hand-shackling during Denver Restaurant Week," he says. "Every major city around the country does restaurant week, but it's very difficult to create and showcase our food for $52.80. We're not looking to make a huge profit, but prices are going through the roof, and we have to pay the bills. Let us do what we want, serve what we want and price it how we want rather than forcing us to work within the limitations of the $52.80 price tag. And now that they've allowed chain restaurants to be a part of Denver Restaurant Week, it's become a mockery. It's demeaning. Not only that, but it should be two non-consecutive weeks -- one week in the summer, when all the fields are wide open and we can really showcase Colorado's bounty, and then do a week in the fall."

Writes Cook2:

Wow, get over it -- times are tough all over. If I get to go to a restaurant that I normally can't afford because it is price fixed at $52.80, then I am going to go. Correct me if I am wrong, but doing Denver Restaurant week is voluntary .

And Cook3:

Lol, who goes to Marlowe's for Restaurant Week anyway?

Round two of the Chef and Tell interview with Uffelmann will be posted here later this morning. And in the meantime, don't miss the comments on round one, which include this from Jeff:

Marlowe's? Is it 1986?

I look forward to the Chef and Tell with Larry from The Olive Garden next week.

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