Reader: Who's the real tool in the kitchen?

Lori Midson just served up round two of what Denver chefs consider their favorite tools in the kitchen, a list full of tips about knives, pasta machines, souvlaki machines, band saws...

And then there was this lovely response from Jamey Fader, the man behind Lola:

Favorite kitchen tool? My wife, Gail. She's the lab rat, ear, voice of reason, test case, sociological study and personal adviser all wrapped up into one lovely ball. Truly, without a great partner in crime who can keep me guessing and pushing, I'd only be half as far as I am in this journey. She may not dice and slice, but she proofs menus, listens to rants and gives brutally honest feedback every time I ask for it, and that's a "tool" that's invaluable to me.

But enough of the sweet stuff. Jon S's comment about the entire project was too delicious to ignore:

I'd categorize Guy Fieri as a complete tool in the kitchen.

If you missed round one, you can find those favorite kitchen tools here. And to read more from this chefs -- including their favorite place to take out-of-towners, their favorite dish in town, and their favorite spot on Federal Boulevard -- click here for a copy of Dish, our annual restaurant guide.

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