Reader: Why are you eating cheap mollusks in a landlocked city?

Oysters are getting out of their shell all over Denver, with raw bars popping up at restaurants around town and the mollusks making frequent appearances on happy-hour menus, including the spot Lori Midson visited for yesterday's Guess Where I'm Eating? The old adage used to hold that you should only eat oysters in months ending in R, but modern technology has debunked that. In fact, the second High West Oyster Fest is coming later this month. But then there's the fact that Denver is a thousand miles from an ocean...

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Says Wil:

Better question, why are you eating cheap mollusks in a landlocked city? That is like eating cheap beef where there are no cows.

Hmmm...we see no shortage of steaks on the menus of restaurants far from any farm.

Do you eat oysters in landlocked Denver? What are your favorite spots to slurp?

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