Reader: Why do we consider Walmart trashy and Trader Joe's trendy?

When Trader Joe's revealed that it would finally open a store in -- one of three now slated to open in the metro area in 2014 -- neighbors of the future TJ's site at East Eighth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard rejoiced. They were not nearly as excited when they heard that Walmart would be opening a store just a block away, on the former University of Colorado Health Sciences campus. And last October, in the face of increasing opposition, Walmart pulled out of that project.

Why do people love Trader Joe's and hate Walmart? See also: - Are Colorado's Trader Joe's opening in 2013 -- or 2014? - Walmart pulls out of old CU campus site near new Trader Joe's - Five reasons why Colorado will benefit from getting Trader Joe's -- finally

That's what Sherea wants to know:

I just love how we collectively *hate* WalMart but *love* Joe's... both bring us cheap goods and pay and promote their employees comparably... but Joe = trendy and the Mart = trashy ...don't think I'll ever understand the rampant hypocrisy.

How do you explain the difference between Walmart and Trader Joe's? Would you welcome a Trader Joe's in your neighborhood? A Walmart?

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